In marine and off shore there are numerous possible applications for electric heating systems. Diesel and marine engines can be heated with Schniewindt flow heaters. Huikeshoven has installed deck heating on a number of police ships. This heating ensures that the deck remains free of snow and ice under winter conditions.


Finned tube heaters are used to heat various on board areas. These finned tube heaters have to meet the relevant ATEX and Lloyds standards. Particularly suitable is the finned tube heater with integrated thermostat. It greatly simplifies the installation of the system. For instance, underfloor heating is very suitable for the heating of a wheelhouse. It may also prevent the necessity to maintain the temperature of on board liquids. The temperature of the pipes and tanks, in which the liquid is located, is maintained by means of heating cables.


  • Heating of diesel and marine engines
  • Deck heating ensures the deck is always free of ice
  • Finned tube heaters to heat certain areas
  • Underfloor heating in the wheelhouse
  • Maintaining pipe temperature