Huikeshoven is a leader in the field of the heating of moulds for the production of rotor blades for windmills. During the past 20 years Huikeshoven has continuously improved these systems, which involve various complicating factors. This has resulted in a comprehensive programme, consisting of heating cables or mats which can be installed quickly and flawlessly in addition to a control system which is accurate yet temperature of equipment rooms and driving mechanisms of windmills. Huikeshoven supplies to manufacturers of rotor blades all over the world. Meantime, our experience is used for other applications in the composite industry also.


Process control is the key for operational excellence. Huikeshoven builds modular systems which are customized for every application and operable from a HMI touch panel. We can integrate our system with existing systems. To increase the usability, we can set up the same functionalities and make it visual comparable with the existing system.


  • Heating of moulds for production of rotor blades
  • Wide range of heating cables (delivery from stock) and mats
  • Accurately operable control system
  • Temperature control of driving mechanisms
  • Production of solar panels



Mould-Heating                                                          DAI-System